This is a link  to “Can You Picture This?”, a comic by my friend Rachel. Her comments on her site are a broken, so I’ll put the comment I would have posted here:

I really enjoyed this comic on a lot of levels. Comics are indeed a strange beast; they fall in the cracks between several different types of media and have only recently been seriously considered either as art or literature. I think some of this is because they are considered puerile by some and dangerous by others, but I am finding that this very ambiguity is a chief strength. Comics have an ability to penetrate in a way that few forms of communication do: Jack T. Chick’s religious tracts, South Park (essentially a moving comic that, because it rarely uses music or motion for effect, is not a true animated work), Doonesbury and the satire of Mad Magazine all fly under the radar of those who take other information/satire media (The Daily Show, for example) more seriously. I like how you describe how you came to find this strange and wonderful medium, and I especially admire your desire to to something really meaningful and effective with it. It is inspiring, to say the least.


She does a great job talking about her struggle bridging the gap between academic integrity, social justice, activism and artistic merit by using comics. It’s a nice read and says a lot about what you can do with this crazy, mixed-up medium. Her full site is here.