It’s funny that the internet, which should be the perfect medium for building a strong comics following, doesn’t have anything more sophisticated for finding quality work. Sure, you can go to a publisher’s or a syndicate’s site, but you usually get the same type of material that is available in print. Print started off being a wonderful venue for comics because after you broke through the wall you had a very loyal and focused readership that spanned years and included thousands of individual comics. Gasoline Alley has been running since 1918, for God’s sake!

In the newspaper heyday a strip could evolve over the years, have great Sunday comics in full color and become a large part of everyday life for millions of readers.  With the passing of newspapers, though, it seems that comics have also slipped away. That’s sad because the removal of space and formatting constraints make digital comics a natural fit. I know there are quite a few titles available for tablets and desktop and there are even apps that allow you to scan and organize your collection, but I have yet to see an overall aggregation site that contains high-quality comics from a wide array of sources. Sites like webcomicnation and drunkduck don’t count because the vast majority of the comics there are of extremely poor quality. Where’s the one-stop shop for work that is Chris Ware, Dan Clowes and Chris Onstad quality? If it exists, please let me know.