Clench and Cheese started out as a weekly strip for Seattle's Rocket.  Two weeks before it was going to publish the strip, the paper folded (one of the early casualties of what has now become a common problem). I was left with six strips that had no home, so I moved on to other projects. Fast forward ten years. I was taking an animation class and was spending a lot of time developing a storyboard as past of an assignment. As I worked on the board, I was struck by how similar it was to creating a comic. I had, by this time, moved into doing longer pieces, so it was a big revelation to see how well the two things could fit together. I started looking at old work that I had set aside at one time or another and came across the Clench and Cheese strips.  It got my gears turning, and I spent a few weeks developing a story. Soon, I created a series of boards with the goal of creating an animatic. Here are a few panels:








































I'll continue with part two of this story tomorrow… I'm bushed.