It's taken me a long time, but I think I am finally evenly divided on digital versus pen and ink for creating comics. This is the pen and ink drawing for the issue 1 cover:


Pen and ink allows no shortcuts and demands a certain amount of precision at the outset… much easier to make a mistake and much harder to correct it. That said, it gives a really nice quality of line that is pretty much impossible to digitally replicate (at least with the Intuos tablet I use). It's more soothing while, at the same time, more nerve-wracking: soothing because of the old, old feeling that I get when my hand is dragging over paper and when I see the drawing appear from a blank sheet as though by magic, intimidating because… well, it's a blank sheet. With digital it is possible to cheat by using source photographs for tracing (or even for the backgrounds themselves). There are rich colors and fonts available, as well as infinite ability to revise and rewrite. I almost look at them as different art forms because the chosen medium changes my approach. I do enjoy both, and lately I've been enjoying the combination. This is the cover after some Photoshop: