Being a hard-print comics guy, a blue pencil and Rotring hardcore gloog, an early but reluctant adopter (c.1994) of computers, “html,” “Photo Shop” and “Future Splash,” it is odd for me now to sing the praise of paper animation. I have used ToonBoom and Mirage since V1 of each, have marveled at how easy it is to do this and that, how convenient. I could get a bunch of shit out, and FAST.
But it was cheating, and it sucked. My favorite animations, be they Silly Symphonies, Ghibli or Fleischer Studios, were all hand-drawn.
Something about flipping the paper, pushing into it…drawing. I don’t care how good your Cintiq is. There is no substitution. It a lot more work, but anybody thinking animation is a labor-saving path is going to be dropped off the proverbial cliff.
Odd how that works.