We went to see Meet the Robinsons in glorious 3D last night. It was pretty cool, but not worth the hoopla (we had just seen it in a conventional theater earlier, so there was grounds for comparison). I remember reading that the new digital 3D was almost invisible compared to the stereoscopic technique used in the 50s. And I guess it is… you still have to wear dumb-looking glasses, but they’re not red and blue any more. They are smoked-lensed military issue plastic jobs and they give you a freakin’ headache after about five minutes. The actual 3d looks better with some stuff than others (for instance, rain on a window is a very nice effect, whereas stuff splatting toward the camera looks as tired as it did in Warhol’s Frankenstein. My verdict: stick to the 2d version until they figure out how to do it without the specs.

In my own news, I’ve decided to get a project schedule down for the shorts. I think the first ones will likely be pretty bad. I hope to learn from my mistakes and improve as quickly as I can. There’s a limited opportunity to get everything noticed and time is really running out. I’m very late in the game.