Well, the comic has been effective in eating up almost all of my time, but that’s been a good thing. Both Clench and Cheese have more or less stayed the same, characterization-wise, but the peripheral characters such as Fatty, Berwell and Phyl have developed nicely. The funny thing is that the story lines in the strip are much more action/adventure than I ever would have expected. I mean, Nazis? 

The current strip features  an Inventors’ Guild, so lots of fun there.
In animation news, I’m working on a series of limited animations featuring single gags. They are designed to be posted on youtube and itunes.  By "limited," I mean very limited… almost cutout-style. I’ve restricted the number of phonemes to five, so lip synch will be much easier.
I hope to be able to do two a month, but so far I’m not even close. Once I get a library of elements together it should go more quickly.