In the interests of airing out my archives, I’m continuing to post completed material on The latest is Voice of Reason , a strip from 1994 that was in a few Portland papers before I moved into darker stuff. I also will be posting RAF and Barnes, two strips that were initially intended for mainstream syndication. I now have five or so strips on Drunk Duck, and will continue cranking out new ones .
In Clench and Cheese news, the long, long storyline of the possessed guitars has finally wound to a close. I had intended doing a series of single-gag strips for a while, but I’ve already got a new narrative suggesting itself, so that’ll be that.
I’m going to start posting production notes with some of the techniques I use to achieve the rather unusual look to C&C’ s backgrounds if there’s any interest.
Here’s a Voice of Reason that won’t be published on DD because I reworked the idea into a much better Boig & Bitty strip.