Lord, it’s hard to get readership. I remember that when I started Tonar Syndicate in 1995, it was almost no time before I had 2200 hits a day. This on 9600 baud modems! I recall taking my cartoons to Kinko’s for scanning and spending 40.00 an hour for low-res scans of the cartoons (I didn’t know enough about compression in those days to save them properly). Now, although it’s much easier to produce and distribute, it’s way harder to stand out.
In light of this, I’m moving forward with the intro to Clench and Cheese using their theme song (this is a rough draft of it… working on a better version… and posting it on youtube  (perhaps submitting it to Channel Frederator.
It’s hard getting up, but I have a couple of regular readers who comment on my Drunk Duck site   who are really fine cartoonists themselves and who are ebdlessly supported.
I hope one day to get plucked out of the sea of obscurity, but for now I draw chiefly to amuse myself and to develop my storytelling technique.