Actually, I think I’ll enjoy this ability to comment on this strip. It’s odd, because these have beenlargely nascent characters for the past ten years and have, in the last eighteen months, become subjects of much minute thought (being animated and all). It’s really nice and somewhat relaxing to let them spool out stories. You realize, too, I get up at 4 AM to do this strip evn though I no longer work a standard nine to five. Something about the early morning and itsa inherent suffering makes for a good foil to the devil-may-care punk alt comics dudes. It’s an indulgence for such storytelling, especially at the glacial paces I’ve adopted. Anyway, they go pretty quick when you spool ’em, and there’s something to be said for page turning.
I am really hoping that this strip breaks soon… as of now there are perhaps 70 regular readers, and I think that this can reach more people. I’ll keep at it regardless.