Well, the comic has really taken off. It’s been a solid month of work, and find myself producing far more than is the industry standard (that is, a full-color, full page narrative strip every weekday) while still keeping house, home and job together. I obsessively check the stats and so forth, but it’s more of an annoyance. I know that one day the strip will go through the roof because it’s good. The characters are unusual and there are some cool story lines. The fact that I am now using Mirage to draw them means, too, that much of the art can be used in the animation.
As for that, I’ve not done any work on the cartoon itself this month. My new approach was to focus on the animatic again, getting the drawings up to the new soundtrack. I know now, though, that the accents I used for two guys from Birmingham (Brummies, they’re called) were wrong. I’ve found a repository online that has examples of many accents (ranging from the American south to South African) and it’s been a great help. I speak to myself in Brummie all the time, in fact. The brits consider it the funniest of accents, a point in my favor.
As they stand now, they sound like they’re from Manchester. Just like Karl Pilkington, whom Cheese resembles more than a little.