Forget the post below. After messing with rigging for three days and seeing very unsatisfactory results, I’ve decided that Toonboom is amateurish nonsense. I dislike the drawing tools, I dislike the interface and I hate the way my characters look in it. I also fund absolutely nothing in the sample works that even remotely impressed me. Opus and Harmny ae first-rate, but TBS is cut-rate. Mirage for me, all the way. What a waste of time! Lord.
In the interest of saving time (and getting my cartoon finished), I’m switiching my primary animation tool from bauhaus Mirage to Toon Boom Studio. The difference in the applications is pretty marked… TBS is a vector-based consumer-level product mostly made for web use, where Mirage is pro-level and can produce really fine hand-drawn and rotoscoped animation that is a joy to see. But TBS has the huge advantage of rigging… characters can be built like cutouts and pegged together, each peg being moved over time. The tweening is pretty mechanical, and the overall effect is something that needs to thoroughly tweaked, but I’m pretty confident that I can use the combination of tools to quickly produce my cartoon. Time is so short for me now that I’m working full time that I am willing to take a cut in quality to get the idea out there. I hope to be able to get it to jump through some hoops.