Again, apologies for the dearth of posts. It’s been all I can do to haul my carcass out into the studio to crank out a few hours of work a week. This morning, though, I woke up at 4AM and went out for a solid three hours. If I can do that five days a week it’s still a measly 15 hours, but in ten weeks I may be getting somewhere. After all, the sound is done, the backgrounds are finished and there’s a semi-complete animatic. I’m redoing it to match the soundtrack edits, but this time I’m creating actual keys for every scene. This will help not only myself but any other animators I can beg/bribe/threaten into working on this project.

For inspiration I have been attending to the Fleischer Superman episodes.
These little masterpieces are indeed some of the finest animations ever done, exciting and well-written (given the requirements of the genre, especially). Just the cities and cars are enough to make your jaw drop (watch Bulleteers for a fine example). While I can’t aspire to anything so rand given my non-budget and lack of free time, I can keep it in mind while I work. Inspiration is almost as good as money. Almost.