Well, it happened. I was cleaning and hit my Lacie 250GB external drive and BAM, down it went. With it went the last five months’ worth of work. All the animation was hosed. I still have the backgrounds and, most importantly, the soundtrack.

The disc was a casualty of my need to figure out how to balance a full-time design job with a family and a developing cartoon. My studio reflected the chaos in my life, gradually fillng up with detritus, disorganization and an air of spurious neglect. One of these days, I said, I’ll start.

So I started. It was overwhelming. Nothing was where it should be. Computers, instruments, workspaces, all of was haphazardly placed, totally wrong. I started, but was soon overwhelmed. It was in this disorganized state that I knocked over my drive and started a new chapter.

It’s scary, but I realize that I was going to redo most of the stuff anyway. It wasn’t really working as I hoped… I want a compromise between overly animated work and Dr. Katz-style talking heads. I need physical comedy too.So I’m starting fresh. Not over, but fresh. Same story, same sound, but a new and more efficient approach. Time’s a-wastin’, jack. Get on it.