One thing that differs greatly in an independent (re: solo) project is the distinct lack of teamwork. Even the sense of community is missing, often creating a lonely and somewhat one-sided view if one’s animation. Since films are always collaborative, this communal feeling is largely taken for granted on even the smallest projects. Since starting work with a design group, I realize all the more how much I’ve been missing by going it completely alone.
As I have no funding whatsoever, it’s necessary that the production is self-done (although I may want to see if I can get a student or two to intern with some pieces in exchange for credit in the project, plus any eventual monies that come down the pike). I have, though, recently availed myself of the excellent forums at Since Mirage is such a specific software, this particular community is great for technical questions and workarounds. It’s also chock-full of really great animators from all over the world and is thus a great place to get work critiqued. There is a disclaimer that the critique section is “not for the faint of heart,” but, heck, neither is animation.
The piece I put up is really uneven, but I hope that will change as I get better and more confident.
Oh, the qt directory has the animatic and a rough cut of the theme song as well.