There’s a point in every project where you are mostly doing “the other stuff.” By this I mean the tasks that don’t comprise Why You Love Doing What You’re Doing. Often, this list includes production: repetitive tasks done over and over again and again and over and over, again and again (the Department of Redundancy Department, I call it). Or it can be things that you aren’t especially good at. In a studio, it’s not likely you’d be doing the latter for long, especially if you have a good supervisor; it pays to have detail-oriented folks attend to the details, etc. But in a one-person show it’s different. Delegation and procrastination are the same animal.

I guess that I’m saying that the life of an independent animator who is loath to ask others to pitch in for a mere credit (at this point) is a tough one. I am functioning as director, writer, soundman, bg artist, story artist, animator, cleanup and inbetweener all in one. Plus dialogue and all the actors. Not to be all Orson about it, though… that’s distasteful in the extreme. I am missing out on all the good ideas and critiques, the added labor, etc… but most of all the continual inspiration that comes when you see somebody busting their ass as hard or harder than you, the inspiration to not let somebody down. I’m not even talking about all the good things that can come when you wave an idea in front of a few great people and see what REALLY has legs and what’s just kinda floating. I’m talking about the collective strength of many people backing a single plan. Maybe the lack of it will make me more appreciative and more flexible when I do have the opportunity.

Off this topic, I gotta say that John K continues to amaze me. I mean, I always knew the guy was the Very Shit as an animator, but his intelligent knowledge of animation history and his thoughtful and valid opinions as it relates to the scene now continue to amaze me. I am certainly not the first to say it: John K is one smart mofo and long may he wave.