Ice Age 2. What can I say? It looked really nice. Great design. Some fairly funny frustration gags with Scrat, the dachshund/squirrel-thingy.
But story?

Well… Blue Sky doesn’t seem to care about story all that much. They seem like they really fall in love with a concept and then try to write something to show their wares. It’s like the way Jon Anderson wrote lyrics for Yes, I think… the meter fit, the words sounded pretty, so who cares if it’s utter nonsense? In and around the lake mountains come out of the sky and they stand there? How stoned are you? Robots was one of the most visually stunning features I’ve seen, yet at the best part, the most emotional moment, you have Robin Williams riffing a bunch of verbal nonsense that strips even the grand visuals and tension of a wild roller-coaster ride of any emotion except irritation.
I can see this approach working in experimental DV film, something you can shoot, cut and forget about. But since animation requires so very much more to produce, shouldn’t it be absolutely rock solid before even the storyboards are drawn?