There are bound to be some setbacks with any project. Sometimes they come in bunches: computer crash, car accident, etc. In my case it’s been a case of pernicious flu. First my daughter, then my wife and then I all were stricken. It’s amazing how it takes the wind out of you.

It’s something to toil on a sequence for days and then let it rest for a while, watch something really excellent in the interim period, and then go back to your work and all its amateurish shortcomings. I made the mistake of watching Emperor’s New Groove this morning and was once again humbled by the sheer excellence of the animation. Every sequence is superb, some of the best ever to come from Disney. Great story, too.

Something to strive for, as I am no quitter. Today, though, I will take off. The slick currents of fever-induced fatigue are welling up in me again. Maybe this is what it is like to be old.