Having completed a fairly polished scratch track, I have now moved on to the animation itself. I’m breaking the tasks into fairly managable parts to keep myself interested and also to maintain sense of progress (to keep motivated). The backgrounds for the first few scenes have been redone to better incorporate the changes within the soundtrack. I’ve also redone some of the keys, as the movement of the characters has changed somewhat.

Doing pencil tests to the soundtrack has been an extremely illustrative process (so to speak, ahem). I’ve noticed that the pacing of the drawings and the pacing of the sound are often at odds with each other. Each has a rhythm of its own, and it’s the very devil to get them so they synchronize properly. Mirage is a great animation tool, but the sound aspect of it is pretty spare. Bauhaus says that they have designed it for scratch track purposes only, so it’s pretty limited. Still, you can use it fairly well within its confines. I’m still exploring the many features of the program, some of which will be really cool when I get them to work.

Pose to pose animation is really the best way for me to do some of the scenes, so I’m working out the methodology that will best enable a high rate of production.

It’s truly staggering, though, how much time all of this takes. Ask my wife if you want further proof!