Man, Doogal is one of the stinkiest movies since Racing Stripes. The films share the common malady of insipid (or even non-existant) voice direction. Doogal was a French effort and all the English dialogue was done in ADR fashion with the animation projected on the wall while the actors read whatever pallid lines were provided. Some of the performances are as bad as a kid reading Shakespeare alound in Freshman English. Jon Stewart is particularly hideous, but even the dreck-prone Whoopi outdoes herself in lame.

Great care was taken with some of the animation (there are excellent ice and water as well as hair, fur and so forth) but the script and celebrity performances were about as shitty as a thing could be. It seems that the Weinstiens are grabbing up available CG projects as they try to form an animation division to their empire. Hoodwinked had poor animation and a good script, the opposite this dreary film. They clearly are trying to milk the CG cow for all it’s worth but they know not quality.

Next up is Ice Age 2 from the studio that brought us the story-starved yet very beautiful Robots.

I wish these big studios would buy some decent scripts. It’s sad that things change so little.