Alright. The new studio is up and running, there’s Internet, the compters are all working AND… the scratch track for my first Clench and Cheese episode is nearly finished. I ran into a few isues while doing it, some known and some not. One thing I did know was that every sound was going to need to be generated. All the foley, all the background and all the voices. I was amazed at the amount of foley even a short cartoon requires. I also see why ren an Stimpy used so much public domain music in the background: when you have ever-present music, the amount of ambient foley (fabric rustling, sitting in chairs and the like) is dramatically reduced. I watched an episode of King of the Hill the other day and was amazed at all the sound that goes into each episode.
An issue I did not know about was that Apple Sountrack is woefully inadequate as an audio editor. It’s fine for combining finshed tracks with video, but has no real editing capabilities. You need to use AIFF and WAV files as-is. It also won’t import MP3s, so they need to be laboriously converted in Itunes.
As my ProTools is way out of date, I then went to my Windows workstation and built the track with Steinberg Nuendo. I am way impressed with the program, and will look into using it far more tan I have in the past.
I’ll post a quicktime of my animatic as soon as it’s done. Here’s a picI took today of me in the studio. I’ll et some more up really soon. It’s a very cool place.