Sure, the press on this has been so-so. Everybody attacks the story, talks about Disney going for the CG cash cow, trying to out-Pixar Pixar, blah blah blah. The truth is that this movie contains some first-class character animation, some of the best and most expressive stuff ever done with rigged models. Nice textures, good lighting, but the guys move and act so so well.

“No story” is the common complaint of critics. No Story? It’s Disney! You know! Little Mermaid! Beauty and the Beast ! Hell, Robin Hood!

Since when was it important for Disney animation to have a story? In fact, the only American animated stories I’ve seen outside indy films came from Brad Bird. Everything else is meetings and gag writers brought in to sweeten things after the fact. I think animation is capable of almost anything, and that American animators are as good (and often better) than anyone. Story will come. It always has.

And take my word for it. Chicken Little is well worth watching.Chickl1

Okay, okay. Lilo and Stitch had a story. At least for the first half of the movie.