Apologies for the lack of updates… I have been immersed in the physical work of studio-building and also unrelated projects that have a purely financial intent. An independent animator has many freedoms but the luxury of time with a steady paycheck is not one of them when the project is in utero.

After seeing the new Aardman film I am more firmly assured of Nick Park’s abilities as a director. His animation is superb, but it’s his shots that get me. Such a sense of film history… very arty, yet clean and cool. His only equal is Brad Bird, I think.

One thing that stands alone in claymation is this: there is no independent animation within. Every shot that has multipile characters in it needs to have every one of those figures individually animated. There is no layering of cels, no placing of models. If there are twenty bleating sheep or jumping chickens, every one of them must be moved twenty-four times every second (of the fraction thereof).