I am today struck by something Nik Ranieri said in his interview on AP. Somebody showed him some crappy animation. Nik said as much, being honest and …I gather… blunt. The artist said “Hey, man, it’s a style.” Nik said in return, “So crap is a style?”



It’s a very hard medium at times. I have only been seriously at it for a couple of years, and I recall what kind of drummer I was after two years’ playing: rushed, nervous, overplaying. In short, not very good. I have sent the past two days working on a pencil test of Cheese blinking and running his hand over his face. It looks jerky, odd, rushed and unnatural. I’m going to keep at it, though, break it down and see where it’s going wrong. Maybe I’ll shoot some reference video and see what that looks like.
Point is, I’m going to keep at it even though what I’m doing at the moment is, clearly, crap. Crap is not a style