It’s funny that editors are still unsung in moviemaking, even though they often make or break a film. A good editor can do amazing things even with a mediorcre script and lackluster acting and directing. Learning how to edit your own work takes time and practice, but it certainly can be accomplished. Now that video editing equipment is so affordable, you don’t need an
Avid… you can use Premiere, Vegas, IMovie or even (gah)
the Windows movie software.

Here’s a trick I culled from the great Walter Murch: when making a cut, run the sequence three times and make your cut, saving each one. Then, compare the frame numbers and see if you made the cut at the exact same place. Chances are you did, but only if it’s a good cut. Otherwise, look again and try to see why you did it in one place one time and another place another time.  You learn a lot this way.