I found online a couple of sketches from The Aristocats that feature Edgar, IMHO the best-animated character in the movie. His cackling over his evil plot, his walk up the stairs… genius. These drawings came from Disneymania  and are some of the better roughs I’ve seen from that period. I would love to have seen them all.



My friend Liz worked at Disney years ago and has in her possession a huge bundle of roughs done by Grim Natwick (her particular friend), Seamus Culhane and a few of the nine old men. I’ll do what I can to persuade her to scan and post them. She’s living in Portland now, having left Warners a few years ago. I also am going to try to post a few excerpts from Batman Animated, a great book that tells all about how the terrific series came about in the early 90’s.